Friday, July 27, 2012

What the world wants from you,..a follower, a believer, a child of Christ?

Di's account - I heard someone say y'day. You read Bible and yet you are like this...That someone is my husband while discussing on a matter so trivial. A person who is agnostic (which means he will eventually find god in all his glory) and his expectation of a believer of Christ made me wonder so much. 

Here is the point...The world wants you Christ like. Its a privilege to serve Christ. It is ...a blessing to be forgiven. It is a miracle to have his grace and mercy to follow. It is a GREAT RESPONSIBILITY to be called as a child of christ. Christ has set the standard. Every step we take needs more attention and care. There are souls who are waiting to turn to God. We can define that. 

 O.k. About my story, I was bit shocked at his comment. I tried to hide my feelings. Then I confessed and asked for God's forgiveness and then apologized to my husband "I am sorry. I will do better next time". 

Good shepherd, please lead this ignorant sheep so we bring glory to your name! Amen!

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