Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What & How do I know Christ? – Di’s account

What & How do I know Christ? – Di’s account
My first experience or encounter of the word “Christ” was at the age of 5 or 6 during my kindergarten years at Auxilium convent, Tanjore. Hallways flanked by the Ash blue color “Habit” Nuns/Sisters and Big bright flowers Frock cladded anglo Indian teachers, it’s a different world to me from Temple & Sculptures cov...ered Tanjore.

Going to Chapel during recess was fun. We friends will play until we pant and gasp and would rush to the pipe lines by the chapel for water. Final stop is at the chapel to line up at the front, knees down, head bowed, hands clasped for few mins and would sprint to the class as we hear the bell ring. It was fun, praying with friends, it was part of my socialization in that tender age. 

But I know, something so different about the figure who hung on the cross. The face so humble, crowned with thorns would leave me with awe. If I have been asked in that age to describe Christ. I would have said he is god and he is a very nice person.

Little did I know then that he would be the one who is gonna stand by me at my adverse miseries and pour blessings in bounty.

Even right at this moment, I feel like the same little girl in blue pinafore with a big pony tail wondering about him with awe….

Theres A LOT more…My aunt studying in MMC would tell me about Christ. Will tell you as my friends share their experience…

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