Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Sight, Trust, Turn Out!

Now Isaac sowed in that land and reaped in the same year a hundredfold. And the LORD blessed him. - Genesis 26:12

There’s not much rain in the country. Will you till the soil or sell like your neighbors.
There’s not much a grain in the land, will you stay or leave like your friends?
What will you do?
If the LORD says my WILL is for you to stay in a land that has no rain only much shine, Will you question HIS WILL or walk by your will?

The story of Issac
·       Promise Child
·       Saved at the Altar
·       Brought up as the only Heir
Left in a land with not much abundance except the promise. 

Clad yourself as Issac. It's not an easy role if you ask me. He would not know if he has to wait upon the LORD like his father Abraham to see HIS goodness.
He had a good role model. He knows east or west, north or south GOD’s will is the best path to follow.
So he sowed the land and waited for the LORD.
Coz he toiled and waited, He reaped!
Coz he toiled and waited, The LORD blessed him!
100 times
Remember there is much famine in the land and people would have mocked him for his faith and trust in GOD.

The situation is not much different now, we have unbelievers mocking at us and talking behind our back. It's OK. You have a promise and redeemed will thru Jesus Christ our Advocate. You can reap a 1000 times!
Trust in the LORD!

"Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


If there is a GOD who is most unappreciated, taken for granted, rejected, ridiculed and looked down is no other than the Son of GOD, Jesus Christ.
He will plead for a sinner woman
He will heal a gentile
He will save a doubting man
He will wait for an outcast woman
He will bless a robber at the most crucial painful hour of his life
He will pray for those who crucified him...
He comes back and invites his rebukers for breakfast
He lives and he repeatedly goes out
with a hope that they will know him, know his love...
Some does...Very few acknowledges...But Many just take advantage of HIM...
So if you have been unappreciated, taken for granted, rejected, ridiculed and looked down.

Know that there is a GOD who clearly gets you. HE is the Son of GOD, Jesus Christ. HE loves you!

Thursday, May 9, 2019


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
My first post for the year is not about the promise of the year or for the month, rather it is about my heart’s despair.

I have the promises of Esther, Joseph, Ruth, and David… Yet I wallow.
I am redeemed, restored and rejuvenated. 
But my family…Issues of the family impact my peace.

Have you been there? Have you felt that? I read the promises, but the waiting is tiring me. I see deliverance in one area and see somethings happen in another area or totally a new trial pops up…I see myself in a spiritual roller coaster of high and low. I am afraid to open to some Christians for prayers,…afraid of being judged,…afraid of inability to articulate my difficulties,…
I have trouble counseling my own family members stuck in Rationalism. How to inculcate the spirit of GOD and Knowledge into them. Especially when they point out the flaws of many Christians who claim are righteous. I have no case there.
I point them to see Christ and Cross. They can't understand it. So many questions around resurrection, forgiveness and so on.

Well, Salvation is not my business. I can walk away saying that. But When it comes to family the trials of them impact you. So I went into PRAYERS! PRAYERS! PRAYERS! I have prayed. Prayed like Jonah, Prayed like Naomi, Prayed like Hagar, Prayed like Jehosophat, Prayed like Jabez, Prayed like David….
I clad myself into different Biblical character for that moment and I have banged the doors of heaven. Every being of the heaven knows my shout…knows my heart…
Jesus knows me thru and thru.

I am not perfect. HE knows and I know it. Yet, I have a desire. A desire for the salvation of the entire family. Like that desire of the lady at the well. In the world’s eye, she is not perfect. Yet she has a search for GOD.

Dear Jesus,
let your everlasting spring of water gush thru me…
anoint me, baptize me, cleanse me,...
let a new spirit of understanding fall on me…
Let me rise up like an eagle…Let me run not faint…Let me wait confidently in the land of living not of the dead.

Oh! My dear FATHER, please listen to the cry of my sisters and brothers. Deliver to us! Deliver us into you. Let us, our children and children’s children stand as a testimony for you.
Holy Spirit comfort us, lead us and convict us with your soft voice.
Thanks for listening to this prayer for us, for our family and for our ministry.
In Jesus’s mighty name. Amen!