Saturday, April 27, 2013

Prayer Of Jabez

Prayer, the powerful conversation with GOD.  Pages of BIBLE shows many different pleas and prayers to the LORD by Prophets, Kings and JESUS himself. While looked keenly can notice how each praying style brings out the glory of the GOD in a profound way.

As much as BIG and Magnificent the GOD is, He is as simple as he can be to reach and understand HIM. Didn’t JESUS say in Mathew (18:3) unless you have a heart of Children you cannot inherit the kingdom of GOD. It is quite important to conserve that child like love, enthusiasm, trust and amusement in understanding and accepting the LORD.  With a pure and complete dedication heart like the Child's to it parents.

A child does not withdraw himself/herself from asking the Father anything. Here is one such prayer found in Bible - The Prayer of Jabez.

Jabez was rejected by his mother even at his birth. His mother named him “Sorrow” because she stated “I gave birth to him in pain”. She was probably in emotional or physical pain during her child birth. Children bring joy. But she calls him "Sorrow". That tells there was intense trial in her life then. Jabez probably grew up with a heavy heart of being no one. A Child looking for recognition for love, respect etc and who eventually found his place in the heart of the GOD. Now, Let us see his conversation with the LORD.

 Chronicles 4:10
New American Standard Bible (NASB)
10 Now Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, “Oh that You would bless me indeed and enlarge my border, and that Your hand might be with me, and that You would keep me from harm that it may not pain me!” And God granted him what he requested.

1.       Oh that You would bless me.
It is Pretty direct. Bless me. Give the blessings. Give it to me. I need them. I can’t live a moment without your blessings. I need you. You are integral part of my life.
2.       And Enlarge my Border
Get to the core. You bless me and bless me large. There he mentions indirectly GOD you are not a GOD of small town or a place. You are a GOD of universe. Everything belongs to you. You order them. Since everything is yours. I ask you for a Lion share.
3.       And that Your hand might be with me
Wonderful request. He is asking for GOD to be his leading hand, a comforting hand, a helping hand, a protecting hand. In father’s embrace we have peace and security. Jabez asks for it “Daddy come with me. I don’t want go alone. Come with me”.
4.       and that You would keep me from harm that it may not pain me!”
GOD keep me from every harm the enemy can bring to me, my household, my people and my land. Drought, Poverty, Famine, Malady, Ailments, Debts, Magic, Sorcery, Jealousy, Deceit, Wickedness, trickery, any harm can be kept by your MIGHTY hand. So I will not be hurt and troubled. So I can live in peace and harmony

What was GOD’s answer to Jabez direct prayer?
And God granted him what he requested.

Exactly! GOD just showered everything he asked for. I am sure. He blessed him with double of everything he asked for.

We serve a GOOD GOD. When we ASK he gives. All we need to be is HIS child. Have a Child like heart and love for him.

A person named Sorrow had a blessed life thru his prayers. Jabez can be used as metaphor. If you are grief filled lives a life of misery and sorrow, your faithful prayer to the LORD is definite to be answered with a blessed, happy and peaceful life.
Let us Pray like Jabez and be all blessed. Let GOD’s glory reign in our life! Amen!


Friday, April 26, 2013

NO Resting,...NO Starting...!

Other Couple of things, LORD spoke thru my son
1.       He rested on the 7th day. Do you know what is resting for GOD means?
My son asked the above question. Before I answer he replied. "Humans rest by sleeping and napping. GOD never sleeps or naps.(Psalm 121:3,4)  So do you know what it means by resting for GOD. It means he gaze at his creations and feel good about it. GOD is always watching us and make sure his creations are doing well. (Psalm 121:7,8)"
What a wonderful promise! LORD takes care of his creations. We never see an animal frantically running around for food in disappointment. We have never seen a bird chirping in dismay about its fallen colored feather or looking for a better bigger nest. They are happy and cool and totally depend on GOD. Human beings cannot be as beautiful as the nature.(Luke 12:27)

While we human worry based on our reasoning, rationalizing, comprehending power gained by our sin committed in the Garden of Eden. On that unfortunate day, Eyes of our Knowledge did open. But Alas, Eyes of our Soul and spirit got shut. And we need GOD himself to come and die for us, so he can leave the holy spirit among-st us. Hallelujah! We are saved!

2.       GOD has no starting

"Mommy, GOD has no starting. Do you know that GOD was there even before the creations? Because he is the creator. "
I asked him "Where did u read this? Did they teach you at school?"
He replied "No, I thought myself. If he was there before creating the universe, then he was there ALL the time. So, He has no starting. "
I was amazed by LORD's ability to make little hearts and brains to grasp the greatness of the LORD. He has no starting which means he is an Everlasting, he is Eternal GOD (Genesis 21:33, Due 33:27, Jeremiah 10:10). "No Starting" - How simply put by a little boy.

This is what I learnt with these discussions. Before I call upon the LORD and Pray in the name of the JESUS, I should know and feel with all my heart and soul, the magnificence of the LORD we serve. (Mathew 22:37,Mark 12:30, Luke 10:27)
If we consider him a small time helper, he cannot he work in our big time problems. He is the KING of kings and LORD of the lords. (Psalm 95:3, Deu 10:17)
Today, by any chance unknowingly if we have let ourselves to believe that our problems are big or if we have let our heart filled with burden of worries. Let us energize our spirit and remind ourselves we serve a MIGHTY GOD and LORD of the hosts. (Isaiah 9:6, Joshua 22:22, Psalm 50:1)
Thank you LORD Jesus Christ for assurance and promises we have in you. Amen!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

GOD is Love

Yet, HE let us....

Lord speaks to us in various ways, especially thru Children. Last 2 days, my(his) Son has been saying few things which have been a big blessing to me. As much his Son is fascinated by the LOVE of Christ. He has a big amusement for Old Testament books unlike me. Old Testament was hard for me to understand and read when I accepted Christ. Ok, now to those couple of things

·         Do you know Adam named the animals?
When my Son asked this rhetorical question, I was wondering where he is going from there.  He also added "Isn't GOD amazing? He is GREAT" I told "Yes" and being curious I asked him what made him say that. "GOD created animals. Yet, he let Adam to name the animals. He is a good GOD. " 

It is a deep truth. We name our Kids, our Home, Our Business, Our Land and Our Vehicle. We take pride in it and forget those are actually LORD's creation.  GOD "let" us to be the master of those he created. He is the MASTER and OWNER of all things in the universe. How foolish of us to think that they are all ours, got by our talents or inheritance. It is a privilege that GOD allowed us to enjoy and little did we realize it. I thanked GOD for speaking that Great truth thru my son.
Dear LORD,
Thank you for your blessings. We surrender us and our things at your feet because you own us & them. You are our MASTER. In your hands, we will be safe. Take away the Pride in our heart. Let every work we do bring honor to you Master, Our Father and the lover of our soul Jesus Christ. Amen!

Above all gods!!!