Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yet, HE let us....

Lord speaks to us in various ways, especially thru Children. Last 2 days, my(his) Son has been saying few things which have been a big blessing to me. As much his Son is fascinated by the LOVE of Christ. He has a big amusement for Old Testament books unlike me. Old Testament was hard for me to understand and read when I accepted Christ. Ok, now to those couple of things

·         Do you know Adam named the animals?
When my Son asked this rhetorical question, I was wondering where he is going from there.  He also added "Isn't GOD amazing? He is GREAT" I told "Yes" and being curious I asked him what made him say that. "GOD created animals. Yet, he let Adam to name the animals. He is a good GOD. " 

It is a deep truth. We name our Kids, our Home, Our Business, Our Land and Our Vehicle. We take pride in it and forget those are actually LORD's creation.  GOD "let" us to be the master of those he created. He is the MASTER and OWNER of all things in the universe. How foolish of us to think that they are all ours, got by our talents or inheritance. It is a privilege that GOD allowed us to enjoy and little did we realize it. I thanked GOD for speaking that Great truth thru my son.
Dear LORD,
Thank you for your blessings. We surrender us and our things at your feet because you own us & them. You are our MASTER. In your hands, we will be safe. Take away the Pride in our heart. Let every work we do bring honor to you Master, Our Father and the lover of our soul Jesus Christ. Amen!

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