Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Daniel 1:8 But Daniel resolved not to defile himself.

The word “resolve” is translated in different versions as “determined”, “purposed in his heart”, and “made up his mind”. Now you get a picture of what resolve means in this context.

That is the same resolve you and I need, to live in this world. We are in this world but not of this world. We have to determine in our heart that we will not defile ourselves with the things of this world. If Daniel had not resolved, he would have fallen easily into the Babylonian culture. It was that resolve that God honored.

To swim against the flow does not come to us naturally. That is where our resolve or determination comes into play.

When so many bills are waiting to be paid, even before your pay check arrives, if you do not resolve to tithe your first one-tenth to the Lord, it is not going to happen.

Unless you resolve to fast and pray, that is not going to come naturally to us.

Unless you resolve to make a covenant with your eyes like Job (Job 31:1), saying No to ungodly TV shows or other media will not come easily.

My dear friend, do not blend with the world to be cool. We are not called to be cool, but to be like Christ. Stand out for the One who gave his very life for you. Stand up for Jesus, because you were bought with a price and you are not your own.

God honored Daniel’s resolve. There was none equal to Daniel in every matter of wisdom and understanding. God will honor your resolve too.

Pride can cost your blessing,..for eternity!

Monday, February 17, 2014

GOD, Prayer, Faith - The Triangle...

Here are few simple steps to understand our life, belief, faith, prayer and the POWER that rules us.
This is how a Mediocre man’s life look like.
GOD is the highest governing power. But Man is in line with Satan. He is tempted. He lives a worldly life. He knows there is a superior power. But, He doesn’t care very much and try to live in ignorance. He rely on his comprehension, his knowledge coz he is the son of Adam who ate the fruit of knowledge
Now there are two choices for him to make either to Believe in GOD or Believe in World.
Here comes the twist. As the Man starts inclining towards GOD, HIS ways and HIS word, He becomes in sync with GOD trampling satan under HIS feet with GOD – the LORD of the hosts, JEHOVAH NISSI as the support. Unfortunately, the Man who chooses to be associated with satan get into the pit with him.

The journey of the Man to GOD and to devil has an interesting exercise. Every man wants his wishes to be answered. His wish with good intentions are blessed by GOD and vice versa. However, there are certain wishes (wishes of self interest in particular) need to be fulfilled with proper faith. How this can be attained?
Imagine another 3 nodes. Yes, the Prayer should be backed up by belief. That transforms to FAITH. With faith we can have all of our requests answered. (Mark 9:23)

However, if your prayer is supported by questions or knowledge. In simple terms, if your belief has your own reasoning attached], Prayers cannot be effective and there by you have opened yourself a flawed Faith.

Many of us have such flawed faith and we blame GOD for all the problems and prayers unanswered. An answered prayer should glorify GOD not to gloat yourself. Remember HE is a GOD of mighty miracles. His name is Wonderful and he says we will witness miracles (Micah 7:15) Your prayer should reflect your faith such that there is no more comprehension or belief. The three nodes get reduced to or should I say get maximized to one point THE FAITH. Faith is the only way to get thru this sojourn life on earth. Now...

We need to do a self check.
1.       Who governs our life? GOD or World?
2.       Who are we inclined towards to? What is our belief?
3.       How are our prayers? Do we pray in faith or in fear(doubts of going unanswered)?

Your faith is the measure of your blessings. If Faith is a mirror, the blessing is the image that you see. More clear and clean is your mirror, the more clear is your image. How faithful are you to GOD, the El Shaddai, the Immanuel?

May GOD increase your wisdom in HIM and you all be blessed as in Deuteronomy 1:11.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Who is (y)our Valentine?

A valentine is generally defined to be a Boy/Girl friend, Wife/Husband, Fiancé /Fiancée, to someone you love or attracted to.

A person can have many different Valentines thru his life, Chosen by him or by his life.

But all of these relationships fail in one way or the other, in one level or the other. Isn't it?

What is it to be in love? Some doctors analyzed the brain waves of young teen in love, reported the brain of that person has their pleasure area continuously stimulated and active. It is a trance like state. Happiness, Peace, Joyful tears, Smiles, Heart sings mellifluous songs…In other words not explainable. And All of that for a man.!!!??

All that for a man - the son of Adam who fails. He will fail to be there in sickness, his words will not last, he will not be around in the worst.

How about the SON of GOD the highest, who paid the ultimate price - HIS life without expecting anything in return should top the Valentine chart. Right?

I AM MADLY, CRAZILY, BLINDLY in love with JESUS CHRIST. I am sure from Paul to C.W.Lewis to Billy Graham to church pastor Randall feels the same way about Jesus Christ. They are filled love and joyful tears for Christ. Their prayers and soft conversing with him thru out the day bring them smiles and hope. They go to bed leaning on his shoulders or his lap….Dont they?

Yes, You and Me are HIS BELOVED. He calls us BELOVED!!!

We have a Valentine who is Jealous and also ask for our intimate relationship. How can you have an intimate relationship,…your soul becomes HIS soul, your mind becomes HIS mind, your body becomes HIS body, Likewise HIS word becomes your word, HIS action is your action, HIS life is your life.

An intimate relationship of HIM asks for mind to mind, soul to soul, spirit to spirit and body to body relationship.

If you think you are HIS valentine, how are you prepared for the intimate relationship?

Does your mouth stink of lies, false promises, curses and profanity? For your mouth whispers HIM love and offer kisses.

Do you have your hands bound with busy money seeking work, worldly desire activities? For you need your hands to hold him tight and clasp your fingers onto him as you walk that road.

Do you have feet calloused by walking the path of iniquity, wearing the sandals of unrighteousness? For you need your foot in shod of gospel to ford thru valley and hills with HIM.

Do you have a robe hiding your conceit heart and wicked ways? For you need to be cladded in HIS grace and mercy to match HIS majesty attire.

Calling HIM as your Valentine is one thing. Being HIS valentine is something!      

But Don’t fret, You can be HIS Valentine if you can simply surrender your heart and will at HIS feet, completely. Empty yourself and Let HIM fill you. Ask for HIS strength. He will fill you with his LOVE, PEACE and JOY!

And it will be Valentine’s day Everyday!

Praises to HIM, the Valentine of our hearts! Our Savior Jesus Christ!