Monday, February 17, 2014

GOD, Prayer, Faith - The Triangle...

Here are few simple steps to understand our life, belief, faith, prayer and the POWER that rules us.
This is how a Mediocre man’s life look like.
GOD is the highest governing power. But Man is in line with Satan. He is tempted. He lives a worldly life. He knows there is a superior power. But, He doesn’t care very much and try to live in ignorance. He rely on his comprehension, his knowledge coz he is the son of Adam who ate the fruit of knowledge
Now there are two choices for him to make either to Believe in GOD or Believe in World.
Here comes the twist. As the Man starts inclining towards GOD, HIS ways and HIS word, He becomes in sync with GOD trampling satan under HIS feet with GOD – the LORD of the hosts, JEHOVAH NISSI as the support. Unfortunately, the Man who chooses to be associated with satan get into the pit with him.

The journey of the Man to GOD and to devil has an interesting exercise. Every man wants his wishes to be answered. His wish with good intentions are blessed by GOD and vice versa. However, there are certain wishes (wishes of self interest in particular) need to be fulfilled with proper faith. How this can be attained?
Imagine another 3 nodes. Yes, the Prayer should be backed up by belief. That transforms to FAITH. With faith we can have all of our requests answered. (Mark 9:23)

However, if your prayer is supported by questions or knowledge. In simple terms, if your belief has your own reasoning attached], Prayers cannot be effective and there by you have opened yourself a flawed Faith.

Many of us have such flawed faith and we blame GOD for all the problems and prayers unanswered. An answered prayer should glorify GOD not to gloat yourself. Remember HE is a GOD of mighty miracles. His name is Wonderful and he says we will witness miracles (Micah 7:15) Your prayer should reflect your faith such that there is no more comprehension or belief. The three nodes get reduced to or should I say get maximized to one point THE FAITH. Faith is the only way to get thru this sojourn life on earth. Now...

We need to do a self check.
1.       Who governs our life? GOD or World?
2.       Who are we inclined towards to? What is our belief?
3.       How are our prayers? Do we pray in faith or in fear(doubts of going unanswered)?

Your faith is the measure of your blessings. If Faith is a mirror, the blessing is the image that you see. More clear and clean is your mirror, the more clear is your image. How faithful are you to GOD, the El Shaddai, the Immanuel?

May GOD increase your wisdom in HIM and you all be blessed as in Deuteronomy 1:11.

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