Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bible Reading

Bible Reading: - Di's Thoughts/Reflection
I had trouble reading Bible. I love the word of god, but I couldnt develop the habit of reading bible regularly. I dont know why. I could read Da Vinci, Chetan Bhagat's & any motivational books in a day. I dont know why I couldnt lift the bible and focus. I have collected so much different bibles and any books related to word of god last 12 years.... You will find different copies of bible in my car, by my bed, at my office desk, my carry bag, many types in my book shelf. I have to have a bible by pillow before I sleep. Yet, they were not sincerely read.
Today, God has put a love for reading his words...I just cant stop. Every word rings in my mind. Bring out so many hidden truths. Let me reflect. Guess what,..It takes nothing to read other books. It takes so much to read a bible...It took me 12 years to develop the habit of reading bible. I am overjoyed and so happy reading it. If you are like me, just ask God he will fulfill the desire of your heart not thru your strength but thru his. We serve an amazing god, Amen!

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