Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Story - Jenni's account

~My Story - Jenni's account~
Hmm.. I do not have a dramatic event about how God touched me but a gentle love story of hope the Lord never let me go anywhere. Even though born in a Christian family growing up days reminds me was more on the boring Sunday churches that I hardly paid attention and my mind was lingering at home as I was missing the only movie on TV Sunday eveni...ngs. I can still recall it was a long walk to church and back and all my energy would be
geared towards getting back home quickly. All my schooling was in convents and that made me want to become a nun during high school days. I remember how much of pep talks I used to get trying to get me away from one of the career path I choose for myself :) 

Now I just look back and wonder at my thought process during that time. It was during college, as my aunt became a born again Christian, she took the whole family a step closer to the Lord. I still recall and glad I did of the times Pastor Paul Moses sat and spoke to me about how compassionate the Lord is to us.

But still there were certain decisions I made in my Life which took me further away from the Lord but he made sure I come back to him and I am glad I have the Lord who is compassionate and never leaves you or forsakes you. As the promise in Psalms 23; "His rod and staff comforts me."

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