Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fast, Pray and Shine like an Alexandrite

Fasting requires self-control and discipline. It is very hard to deny the natural and physical desires. Alteast for me it is very hard.
When fasting directs our hunger toward God, it is called spiritual fasting. It clears the mind and body of earthly attentions and draws us close to God. So, as we gain spiritual clarity of thought while fasting, it allows us to hear God more clearly. During spiritual fasting, the focus is removed from the physical things of this world and intensely concentrated on God.
Fasting demonstrates a profound need for God's help and guidance through complete dependence upon him. Why not fast & pray before making an important decision or before starting on any new aspect.
When we fast, our stomach will be empty. For us sometimes stomach is our God, and our minds are occupied with earthy things. If we find ways to control that then angels will acquire us and we will shine like an alexandrite.
Alexandrite is the most expensive gemstone in the world. It is a fine stone that displays a distinct and dramatic color change (It’s flexibility) where all colors are bright and attractive. It is radiant always, No one can stop it’s glitter. It will keep giving light to people around.
Like how Peter, John and James saw Jesus transfigured in Luke 9:28 – 36, people around us will see the difference in us. We will be smiling always and will make a big difference. No one and nothing can stop us being radiant. Like trees though straight and tall bends for wind, we will be flexible enough to listen to other's and will carry an attractive smily face always.
Be attractive and shine like an alexandrite.


  1. We good food for thought, different perspective of fasting. Makes me now want to fast and pray often to reflect Christ.

  2. It is the greatest truth which is said in the Bible.Not many follow it, in this modern world. we can be conquerers of this world only thro Christ who strengthens us , so when we fast we get more closer to Him and become more like Him, as you said we'll become like an Alexandrite stone. May all who read this article commit themselves to the Lord in fasting and prayer. God bless


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