Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Do not let fear keep us apart

Today, I heard Him say don't let fear keep us apart. All He wants us is to do things right. Be righteous.

Be slow to Anger and be fast in kindness. What great words to think about! especially during this season of lent which is meant to grow more and more closer to God! Be slow to Anger and be fast in kindness.

We are entangled in life's threads like facebooks, Twitters, emails, constant mobile phones pings, messages, email notifications, corporate busineses etc etc. But we need to plug ourself into Him while we are in the matrix of entangled threads. Even if we are in this corporate world if we plug ourself into Him, He will guide us and will raises us on Eagle's wings.

Like said in Deuteronomy 26: 7 - 10, the lord brought us from a different counry with his strong hand and outstreched arm, with terrifying power, signs and wonders. It is a true wonder what we are, where we are and how we are. He gave us this land flowing with milk and honey. So now this our turn to bring Him first fruits of the products of the soil which Lord God gave us. He promised us that He will guide us. Then why to fear ? ?

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