Sunday, December 15, 2013

I am Mary, How do I know?

I am Mary,
How  do I know?
How can you know?
That I am Mary

Yes, Surely I know
I am Mary
Just as the servant girl
Housed the divinity
The light of the world
The Immanuel
The Messiah
The Christ,
I house HIM in my broken heart

HE is the babe in my barn
Wrapped in my rags
HE shines HIS light
Wading my darkness away
Smiling & Cooing
HE let me cradle him
In my arms and lets me say songs

Oh! How sweet HIS love
Vulnerable Babe took my vulnerabilities away
Yes, I am Mary
I house the divinity

HE lives in me
Leading me
Teaching me
Taking me
To that blessed place of HIS grace
To that best place of HIS abundance
To dine in HIS presence

Yes, I am Mary
Sure, I do know
Now you know too
And, You can be a Mary
If you too try!
Come let us Magnify
His name we glorify!
For you and I are Mary
We house HIS divinity!

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