Thursday, August 23, 2018

Why the Wedding - Part 2

1.     Yoke: Read 2 Corinthians 6 14-18. It warns and talks about incompatibilities between believe and non-believer.  Yoked is the word used. Yes, Man and Woman are to be yoked together that they will walk in the right and one direction. Imagine each wanted to pursue different directions, not sure where their cart called family will progress or move towards. Today many marriages have no improvement in quality of life and financially, socially, personally or professionally is because of missing oneness. It’s very important to have praying husband or wife or both for the enemy’s lies to go null. A happy and thriving family that reveres GOD produces wonderful nation for GOD. See how, Marriage is the foundation. Many pastors are tempted, or their marriages have problems is only because it’s the foundation of this world. Living together is not a marriage. Publicly under the eyes of the LORD vowing to support sickness and health is a real marriage. Having multiple partners is not marriage. If you can’t revere and love one person in life, you cannot believe in one GOD. Many thoughts and ideas stem from one single value or principle. Your outlook on marriage decides your mortal and eternal life.
2.     Today you might have failed in many areas of marriage, don’t worry. Our GOD can put everything together, didn’t HE send HIS only son Jesus for that one son Adam and all of his children.
3.     Just know that Marriage is very important and cannot be taken for granted. WORD of GOD can never go wrong.
4.     Spouse – If you do not love or respect your spouse for any reason, Know that you have drifted away from GOD’s plan. Giddy up and get back to the will of GOD and HIS plan.
5.     Broken lose or Stand Still - Either you have broken lose or you are waiting in GOD’s will for your spouse to come back way, know that prayer is the magnet that can bring you/him/her back. Coz we have a waiting/advocating/pleading merciful son of GOD in our life.
I just burst with tears now when I typed waiting. GOD of the world is waiting for you. (Read John chapter 4) I cant fathom that love coz I am so proud and arrogant to wait on someone who would repeatedly ignore me and so unstable in their love. And then I see the manifestation of LORD’s love in my life and others.
And that is the love the LORD asks of you and your partner in the marriage.
6.     Not yours, its His – This marriage is not yours. It’s a covenant between you and him, your spouse and him. It’s a contract, a deal written in HIS blood. Now think about it. This way to look at your marriage will change the dynamics of leading the marriage. You are HIS bride. When you know you are HIS bride, there is no place of any transgressions in the marriage. It becomes holy. You are sanctified and satisfied. This applies not just to women but also to men.
7.     How to – I read your mind. I hear u saying “Well, it all sounds nice to read Dii.” Do you know my struggle? Do you know about my spouse and extra baggage that has come with this marriage? I am unequally yoked or I am that unequal. How do I fix this now? I want the results now. I want to enjoy my youth. Its wasting away. How long?”
Remember something, there is no anything like perfect world or perfect relationships. Yet GOD promises perfect love for you. And out of that love you can be sure that this marriage of yours can be fixed. When is the last time someone told you that they got their six pack in a month’s time. Flesh that withers away needs time and work. Your marriage the will of GOD definitely needs time and work. Prayer is a work out, Word of GOD is the good food and developing this habit/discipline is what going to help you see a transformation you are looking forward to in your marriage.

*Disclaimer: Again, if your spouse is assaults you or hurts you/any of your family members physically. Please find shelter and pray for the situation.

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