Friday, January 3, 2014

the Path!

Why did David who killed a giant by a sling and stone have to write a song proclaiming “Even though I walk thru the valley of shadow of death, I fear no evil. Thy rod and staff comfort me”

He could have written one more Psalm 136 exclaiming the Magnificence of the LORD or Psalm 91 exalting his promises.

Why the declaration, Why the mention of Valley of shadow of death when the LORD has been showering him with Victories at all sides. Wasn’t he a great king? A warrior? Was he afraid? Why this Psalm 23, that of all psalms considered powerful?

Very simple. David’s life and his success was not offered to him in a platter. He has to fight for it with the LORD at his side, If its killing the Lion or the giant Goliath or winning numerous battles against philistines  or hiding for life from Saul.

David’s success life many times quoted as an example to Christians to know the favor, love and grace of GOD undermining the path he tread.

David a shepherd boy considered as weakling by his own father when called by Prophet Samuel, has to cling on LORD’s word that HE works all things together for good. David has to take a step of faith when Saul turned against him. David has to repent and look for LORD’s mercy when his first born thru Uriah’s wife died. He has to suffer, he has to mourn for his loss before he saw the LORD’s glory in his life as Solomon.

Yes, We can be Joseph. But we should remember that his early life was to leave his parents, to be sold as a slave, accused and to be jailed before the LORD raised him up as a governor of Egypt.

Yes, We wanted to be blessed like an Esther, the queen of over 127 provinces. But remember she grew up as an orphan, she dreaded to reveal her identity to her own husband, she had to face Haman in her life.

Yes, We wanted to be Ruth. But she was a widow losing her husband at an young age, have to leave her family and friends to a new land, have to work hard to take care of her and her old Mother In Law, got rebuked for her background at the new land before she was married to her kinsman Boaz

Glory doesn’t come so easy. If it comes easy it is not Glory. There is always hardship involved. 

Didn’t the LORD say?         
John 16:33
 In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world."

If you are in Christ and wonder why this hardship for me, Dear Friend you can be sure as much as you see the hardships, you can also see the LORD being with you in it. Being with the LORD is like being in heaven. But Heaven on earth is so unstable for the enemy is in constant warfare to break it. 

I pray that this little post will give you the revelation that you can sternly walk in the will of the GOD which could be valley of death only to see the LORD’s glory reveal at the end, For he never leaves nor forsakes you. Praise the LORD!

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