Monday, January 6, 2014

An Ass!

I am an Ass. Yes, I said it.

When people congratulate me, appreciate my efforts, praise me for my deeds  OR my words OR the way I handled something OR sometimes even my looks. I tell myself I am an Ass. I have to loudly remind that to me multiple number of times during those moments.

The Word Ass has 436 references in the King James Version of the Bible. New King James Version has 444 Ass references. There are 142 references to the donkey in the New International Version, 140 Donkey references in New American Standard version. The New Living Translation version has 147 references to donkey. There are 155 references to donkey in the New Life Version of the Bible.

Ass is the poor man’s horse in that era. They are timid, patient, loyal, can carry heavy loads with no complaints. The animal is understood to be a dumb and served as an excellent means of transportation of then world. Ass is a hardworking animal.

During the Passover festival, when Jesus entered into Jerusalem people laid their garments on the road, held palm leaves and shouted Hosanna in the highest !. It was the exaltation paid to the Messiah, the King of kings and not to the donkey that he was riding on. If you ponder more, there is nothing for the donkey to be proud about it. For these same people who gave praises, 6 days later will take sides with the crafty Pharisees to crucify the Savior. Remember it was the Savior who got crucified and not the donkey he rode. Yet, the donkey enjoyed being welcomed like a King into the city.
So the point is
·         Know that we are all instruments, Workers of the LORD. Fruits of our hands are blessings of the LORD.

I am sure, you have heard of the above analogy at many occasions. Let us see some more, the only animal that spoke in Bible is Ass. ( If you do not want to count the evil Serpent who lured Eve into the eating the forbidden fruit.) Yes, the very particular Ass owned by disobedient and Non-Israelite Baalam .

Refer Numbers 22:21-38. While the gist of the conversation is a whole different topic of discussion, I request to see the plight of that animal. The animal is beaten up 3 times by his master for heeding to the direction of the LORD.

Here is the deal, you are given a choice to serve a master like Jesus or serve a master Baalam. You will be asked to give the same efforts to both the master; One will give all the pleasures for you and will die for you. One will beat you mercilessly even if you speak up for yourself defying the laws of nature.

Points to remember:
1.       We are Ass.  Glory belongs to Christ who travels with us in our life. John 3:30
2.       We enjoy the privileges and inheritance of Christ for we are his hardworking laborers.
3.       We have to be careful in choosing our master, our association and our path. Choose to serve our GOD, the messiah at all time and means.
Didn’t Jesus say
Matthew 20:28 “the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”
King of kings humbled himself to be born as a vulnerable babe, a carpenter’s son and lead a humble life of example.  Don’t you agree that we can aptly be called as Ass? HIS donkey carrying gospel around? – James 4:6

Let the LORD's name be glorified!

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