Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Jesus in Luke 11 has taught us to pray. Tonight, I was again taught by a kid who knows just a bit of Bible & Christ. My son!

We have been praying  together on and off. But last three nights we were praying regularly holding hands, every time he prays I am filled in tears coz the prayer he makes is so unselfish and so pure. Divinely pure.

Last night he thanked god for sending a new kid to his class.

Tonight was special...

·         He thanked god for Bible

·         He thanked god for Jesus washing away the sins

·         He thanked god for helping people who are hurting

·         He thanked god for the Helmet of Salvation. (This is part he understands better in The Armor Of God)

I prayed before his prayer a long one. But his few minute prayer made me humble and low coz it was so selfless and focused on GOD. This moment, I learnt to pray like Jesus and also to pray like a Child.

Thank you so much lord for teaching me in every aspect of my life to stick to you.

Friends, I am sure you have some to share. Please do, I am wanting to hear.

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