Saturday, August 18, 2012

Man without the Voice - Zechariah

My son has been reading his Kid's bible and he came across the story of Zechariah, who lost his voice for doubting GOD's promise.

My son had so many questions:

1.Why Zechariah was Scared seeing the angel? Angel is from GOD, why he has to be scared to be of? It is an Angel. Not a Monster.

2.Why did he question the Angel's message, even after Angel said he is from GOD?

3.Last but not the least How did he pray to GOD or do his priestly service with NO VOICE until his promised son John was born. My son wondered if he used "Sign Language" for praying. LOL :-D :))

Now, this made me wonder.

So, Why would a priest like Zechariah be scared of the Angel? Was he not prepared? Did he think such divine intervention would not happen to him ? Did he think of himself LOW of god's grace?

I dont blame him. I have felt that way too. BUT Lucky for us, we have JESUS. Every time, I feel unworthy of the blessings. I think of the forgiveness bought by Christ blood. I immediately thank and praise GOD for we shouldnt let the enemy steal our blessings with condemnation.

Why did he question the Angel?

God has a plan for us. We know it thru our spirit or prophetic preachers. As much as we think as undeserving we are we do DOUBT God's plan for us. We question it. We rationalize and comprehend with our worldly gained knowledge. At times, we are preplexed waiting. When we do we lose our voice for sometime to praise and talk of his greatness. How great would have been Zechariah's sorrow. How heart broken he would have been?

Every line of the scripture drives a message, if we see keenly. I am so glad that I understood them thru a kid's inquisitve encounter of the subject.

Zechariah story had a happy ending. He had his promise and his voice. We all have a happy ending...If we only BELIEVE!

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