Friday, March 29, 2013

Judas Kiss!

As we approach GOOD Friday, I cannot help thinking of all the events that happened 2000 years ago in its minute details.

Especially the emotion of our LORD Jesus Christ who was wholly GOD and MAN, it must have been a toughest job on earth. To have the power, yet not use it with all his might and mind.

Mostly , I cannot stop thinking of that person, the people, the roman soldiers and his dire devotees during the crucifixion. What was their thought process, state of mind, their hope etc.

One person who stood apart from all is Judas Iscariot. LORD Jesus had many disciples and followers active in ministry, yet he hand-picked and chose only 12 to be in his inner circle. Judas held the most important post – the treasurer. Imagine the kind of trust the group and Jesus had on him. (He was a miser and greedy which made him do his job well is a different story)

There could be many reasons to betray Jesus, but there is only reason NOT to that - JESUS.

Gospel explains in depth and length of Jesus’s GREAT LOVE. Still, he chose to betray him. Seriously, Betraying JESUS ??? Very thought of that sounds Ridiculous,..Impossible,...Terrible.

Today, things had not changed. It is the same. The Satan who tricked Judas is very much active and want to do the same to every believer and non-believer. Thank GOD, we have precious blood of Christ to safe guard us from every evil force.

Now to the topic

Why did Judas choose Kiss to betray Jesus?

Judas could have chosen many different things to betray Jesus. He could have just pointing him out from the distance or given the Jesus dress as his identification or described his looks or just come closer to hold his hand. He could have chosen a day time during their ministry travel.

He chose night time and most importantly he chose Kiss coz in those days Kiss was considered an act of submission, adoration, respect and surrender. Judas to cover the sinful thoughts, he chose the exaggerated act of love to betray.

Even today, any exaggeration of love comes with a price. A price of betrayal hurt. Victims of that hurt are countless in the world. Anything that is not right or abnormal or out of ordinary is from Satan.
Judas chose to Kiss the face not his hand or feet. Face has the most vital sensory organs. FACE is the index of a human body. A body without a face is considered null. Yes, Satan can come that close to that important aspect of our life the FACE and give us the most intriguing affection, a KISS may be.

Let us not take that KISS literally, yet it can be explained.

Eyes are the windows of our heart. It is also Door to our knowledge, mind and spirit. If you do not watch what you see and read, Satan has an easy access to your soul thru it. Porn, Violence, Gory movies or book, Don’t do it the first time. Mind is a crafty photo developer. It can develop, reprint, Photoshop and enhance in ways that you cant imagine.

Ears are the second eyes to our body. Watch what you hear. Gossips, stories, slander and lies have an impact in our life and in action. A Child that lacks hearing ability cant speak well. What you hear is what you will tell one day. If you want to safe guard your mouth. Watch what you hear.

Mouth – the most important sensory organ of human body. It can deliver the most powerful weapon. WORDS. WORDS can bring peace or war. Every leader is a great Orator. E.g. Jesus spoke in parables. Without words, a path or life is lost. Watch what you speak. Hurtful words spoken recklessly cannot be undone.

Nose – the sensory organ which can take you up to the place in past, in an invisible time machine. Yes, the smell of flower, a place, a person gets recorded in your mind with the happenings of that moment. The same smell at the later age would transport you to that memory lane. So be careful about your whereabouts and what you smell. We don’t want bad old tapes playing at wrong times of our life taking us for a guilt trip.

Most importantly what we understand here is that, even Jesus who is filled and lead by GOD can encounter Satan at a closer proximity. Who are we then? If we are wiser about our 6 senses like Bible says we can save ourselves from Satan Kiss.

How can we tackle that kiss?

Jesus teaches us something here:


Obedience: Jesus knew it is Judas who is going to betray. He also knew that is the plan of GOD. He decide to rely on GOD than his power of his wisdom or might. He decide to heed to the LORD. He surrender to the LORD. It is not too late, when things go out of our hands. When you get kissed, give it up to GOD and wait. Watch him deliver you.

Patience: He showed love and patience even at the critical juncture. When Peter rebuked him 3 times, all he wanted to do was to turn and look at Peter. Not Condemn him with a frown or a "I told You" mock.When the Soldier ears were cut by his disciple all he did was healing and restoring it. While he was accused and beaten for preaching love and grace, all he did was to endure it

Forgiveness: While he hung on the cross, when one of the robber mocked him and other asked for forgiveness. He immediately rendered forgiveness and eternal life to the repenting robber and to the other, he said nothing. No condemnation, nothing. At the cross, he prayed to the father and asked for the forgiveness for all of the people who ignorantly nailed him to the cross. He gave freedom to our sins, but he also went to heaven free of grudge showing a exemplary life a human can live in this world.

What a role model to rely on! Hallelujah, Glad we have Jesus in our life!


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