Friday, November 30, 2012

Faith - The Truth about it


Lords speaks to us every day,. Every moment. Only if we give right attention and right heart I know we can understand his great truths and wisdom for us to lead this worldly life.

When situation around us are far from the blessings listed in Bible for Believers, followers, lovers, Fans of Christ. We are often baffled, discouraged. We question our faith and condemn us.

The TRUTH of matter is we do not realize we are looking at the fear of our heart as a reality around us.

Are we hallucinating?

Kind of. We are trance of belief and unbelief. We are swinging between the two worlds. World of Fear and Truth. Hence the confusion and questions.


One may argue I have faith, I am a believer. I believe Christ alone.

Yes. You have Faith. Faith to have a future, those tremendous faiths brings great blessings. But, not now. In future.

Why in future? Why not now?

 The faith you have put aside for the future is the great faith. Faith in imagination is greater than what we exercise.  Root of the faith (in our imagination or what we aspire) should be Jesus Christ. In reality, the foundation of that faith is mostly our human strength and brain knowingly or unknowingly.

Let us see it:

We read the passage how Peter walked on the water. Now that we know Peter walked on water. If we have enough faith, we can walk on the water. Right?

Can you today step, Not into the surface of the lake, or a river, or even a pool but just in bath tub and claim I have enough faith to walk on the water ?

Hmm…NO. You know why. We still think subconsciously we have certain power and authority over the things we do.

We do not let ourselves free and let GOD deals with the situations. We want to put our thoughts, ideas and comprehension. Then we couple it with the faith in GOD. This makes things worse for us. We have doubts.

We think about Law of Buoyancy, Archimedes principle…who knows our mind may be even imagining Archimedes running into the king’s court straight from the bath tub.


Hebrews 11:1 speak about the difference between faith and mental assent. 

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

Faith is belief beyond the physical senses not based on circumstances (what we see, hear, feel, taste, or touch).  Mental assent says, yes, agreeing in the mind something is true, but the heart has not grasped it as true.

First few steps of Faith:

#1. Spiritual Desire - Know that you have actually willingness to walk on the water. A spiritual desire to step in the water.

#2. Divine Purpose – Know you have a purpose attached to it. Life on earth is a serious business. We are not here to fiddle around the faith. Faith to own a BMW is a big joke. You can’t test GOD with that. However remember that GOD wants you to have all the blessings. So, Rejoice in the lord and you will have the desires of your heart.

#3. GOD’s will – Know that you have Lord’s will and hand in it. This is the most important. GOD said YES to us to witness today’s dawn. Every breath we take is because GOD said YES to us. GOD’s will in every step of your faith is a must.

#4. Total Surrender – Complete surrender of your being, to the Lord. Conscious acceptance of that it’s thru him alone the world operates. Acknowledge that everything is in HIS control. Now, This is the hardest thing to do. This dates back to the Adam and Eve time when that guy tricked to eat that fruit. Bible says, Fruit opened the eyes of knowledge… Human Knowledge. You have to close those eyes and open your eyes of faith to GOD.

God has given every man the measure of faith (Rom. 12:3). 

For through the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think; but to think so as to have sound judgment, as God has allotted to each a measure of faith.

It is our choice to walk out what God has given us now and allow it to grow through the hearing of the Word.  (Rom. 10:17)

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.

Once you realize and exercise that kind of faith in present (that you are dreaming/dreamt to have) is when you unleash the abundant blessings from above,…from GOD.


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