Monday, October 29, 2012

Rejoicing His Love - Di's Testimony

When I started this blog, I was so filled with God’s holy presence that I was excited and updating this blog like crazy. Then... I slipped into something in between, into an Oblivion, into a world of nothingness(is that a word?)

During that time, I was aimlessly browsing thru emails, Facebook, Online news papers and doing things. So restless. No focus. Morbid and annoyed.

Even then, like a full moon in the desert, I felt Christ glowing bright and shiny watching over me. That IS it! One more time I started to swing, giving myself a big push. I decided to stay steady. Prayed/Praying for the blog about it for more readers and contributors.

Within a week or two, I was thrilled when my dear Friend Jennifer wrote a post on "Fear". My Joy knew no bounds, when my sweet sister in Christ Yamini, sent me the list of God Fearing Man’s blessing carefully compiled by Aunty(her Mom).
My day is not complete, if I don’t talk about his Marvelous deeds to at least one person it could be a non – believer; a colleague; a believer in train; to my young child or to my god given sister Yamini.  Just as the Psalmist exclaim in Psalm 71:7-8 - How wonderful is to enlist the splendor of his mighty acts!!!

I am no Preacher, no Evangelist nor a Priest nor a Minister. I am just a mere human being, a simpleton saved by his Grace, stunned by his Mercy and rejoicing his Love!

Thanks for allowing me to share my Joy with you. All Praise to GOD!


  1. God is using you in a wonderful way! He is going to bless you hundred folds.

    1. Thank you,..GOD is using all of us in a mighty way.


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