Friday, September 21, 2012

EL ROI - "The Lord Who Sees"

GOD made me ponder over this word “El Roi” and the story of Hagar past 1 week. Here I sit to write about it just as I try to see the situation thru her eyes and cant help the tears profuse…
At the wilderness, Hagar the Egyptian slave woman an outcast names the lord “El Roi” - The Lord who sees. THE LORD WHO SEES !!! – How powerful? What are the emotions running thru her mind when she called out the GOD Almighty (El Shaddai) with that name?

It’s a story that everybody knows…it is the story that everyone has read. Every time I read, my heart weighs heavy for that poor Egyptian woman.
Brought by Sarai from her native land leaving her family and friends to serve her,
Ordered by her mistress to bear a child for her Master Abram,
Fled into the desert with an unborn child unable to handle the harshful treatment of her mistress Sarai,
Came back to bear a child and be mistreated again,
Silent spectator to see her beloved son denied heir rights and place,  
Banished from the land into the desert by her Master Abraham, father of her son who should stand up for her.

Desolate and with no help, or food, or water left to see her only son die….My heart moves in compassion for this woman. I cant help thinking of such women in this world right now,.. at this moment suffering one or all of the above feelings
Powerless, Penniless, Angry, Afraid, No hope for future with her world falling apart she makes a plea to the lord. To the lord of the Abraham, to the maker of heaven and earth when she runs away the "first time" from her masters unable to handle the harshful treatment.
Her spirit is crushed, her soul aches, her tears pours directly from her heart in agony, she cries a river.

She hears the Angel. The Angel of GOD gives her the promise of GOD to the fleeing Pregnant Hagar to go back to Abram & Sarai (Later called Abraham & Sarah).

Genesis 16
13 She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the GOD who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen[c] the One who sees me.”
Things did not change in a minute. Things are not rose and red around there. Yet, with the hope she walks back only to be banished. El Roi didn’t come just once to her. He comes again restores her hope and he keeps his promise to her and make a nation out of her Son.
Yes,…We serve a Lord “WHO SEES”,.. Who SEES thru our situations, trials and tribulations! Our afflictions he know. In all circumstance, his WILL alone be done.
As I think deeper, I wonder if Hagar hoped “Unlike me, my son will grow into a free man”  - when she agrees to bear a son for her Master.
Yes, Hagar and Ishmael are freed by Abraham their master,..but into the wilderness. Like we are Free. But we are in wilderness of this tempting world.
“Ishmael” – God Listens” when we walk thru the wilderness.
But its thru “Immanuel – God is with us” who died on the cross for our sins, our life is restored for eternity.
Let us all revere El Shaddai, El Roi ! Let the Heaven Praise the king of kings, lord of the lords! GOD BLESS!!!

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